Parole & Pardon

Parole & Pardon

The majority of prisoners qualify for an early release from incarceration at the discretion of the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles. A prisoner will receive a temporary parole date (“TPD”) based on a complex guideline chart, parolee score sheet, prior criminal history, and victim or prosecution impact statements. There are 5 Parole Board members, and it takes 3 votes to alter the TPD. Through our exclusive relationships with the Parole Board, we have successfully reduced countless offenders’ prison time. In general, we prepare a customized parole package for the parole board that mitigates the underlying offense, demonstrates the success of the offender while in prison, and establishes the re-entry program we have assembled (e.g. housing, job, and support network). We hand deliver our parole package to a board or staff member.

Recently, in two separate cases crimes where each inmate was sentenced to 4 years in prison, we were able to convince the parole board to commute a 4 year sentence to a 4 month sentence.

If you or someone you know has questions about parole, contact the skilled legal team at Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C. A qualified attorney can help you qualify for parole.

The criminal defense team at Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C. is led by Pat McDonough, who has been exceptionally successful in parole cases and serves as an advocate for the reentry population in his time outside the courtroom.

Mr. McDonough is passionate about helping you understand your legal rights. Contact our offices for a free case evaluation today.


Georgia Pardons once were handed out fairly routinely as long as the petitioner followed the strict guidelines to receive a pardon. However, since the latest AJC coverage, the board has altered their rules and made it much more difficult to obtain a pardon.   To ensure your success, it is critical to obtain the right counsel that will help you navigate these new regulations and procedures. We have successfully gained pardons for a number of clients.

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