Cruelty to Children

Cruelty to Children

In Georgia, the crime of cruelty to children is broken down into three degrees of severity.

Willfully depriving a child of their basic survival needs to the extent of jeopardizing their health and well being, or causing a child cruel or excessive physical or mental harm are all considered first-degree cruelty to children offenses. A first-degree case is a felony and carries a sentence of 5-20 years.

A second-degree cruelty to children charge is brought when a person commits criminal negligence, causing cruel or excessive mental or physical pain. This type of case is a felony and carries a sentence of 1-10 years.

The offense is designated as cruelty to children in the third degree when an individual purposefully allows a child to witness an aggressive felony, battery or any other type of family violence. A third-degree conviction is a misdemeanor that carries a 12 month sentence. A third offense for cruelty to children in the third degree constitutes a felony and carries 1-3 years.

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