Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty

If you’ve been charged with animal cruelty or neglect, you should immediately contact a good criminal defense attorney for legal representation. These cases often garner unwanted media attention and need to be dealt with quickly. We have successfully handled a broad range of animal cruelty cases.

Animal cruelty charges frequently come from neighbors who report individuals to animal control for perceived neglect. Often, innocent people are arrested or ticketed without a full investigation into all the facts.

At Andersen, Tate & Carr, P.C. our attorneys are experienced in animal cruelty cases and are available for free consultations about your case.

Gwinnett County Law Firm Wins Animal Cruelty & Self Defense Case

Defense Attorneys Pat McDonough and Trinity Hundredmark successfully defended Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle, Jonathan Babineaux, when he was arrested on a charge of felony animal cruelty. The felony animal-cruelty charge was dropped based on self-defense. However, this would not have been possible without McDonough and Hundredmark conducting an extensive investigation, interviewing both lay and expert witnesses, and ultimately putting together the sequence of events that led up to the dog attacking Babineaux’s infant child and Babineaux defending his child’s life. Through this thorough investigation, McDonough and Hundredmark were able to prove the State’s case was based on a false scientific premise. As a result of their hard work, the charges were dropped prior to an indictment, allowing Babineaux to sign a new multi-million dollar contract with the Falcons.

If you are facing accusations of animal cruelty, animal neglect and/or abuse, Pat McDonough and Trinity Hundredmark are here for you. Our criminal defense team will counsel you on the law and statutes related to your charges and make sure your legal rights are represented.

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