Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

At Andersen, Tate & Carr, we assist our clients in the buying, selling, and financing of residential real estate throughout the metro-Atlanta area. We offer over thirty years of combined knowledge and experience in Georgia real estate law. Our clients are guided step-by-step in the entire process of buying, selling and financing property, including refinances and construction loans.

Our attorneys offer clients a vast knowledge of all aspects of real estate law and are positioned to assist our clients with their diverse real estate needs from the negotiation and drafting of contracts to the handling of real estate closings, including the drafting of various real estate and/or secured lending related documents and instruments including easements and leases.

Helping Our Clients through the Residential Closing Process

Andersen, Tate & Carr will help the home closing process go smoothly. Once the title search is complete, any title issues are resolved, and the terms of the contract have been worked out, our attorneys will arrange the closing ceremony. This is considered to be the last step in the residential real estate process.

We make sure everything is in order by reviewing all closing documents for purchases, refinances, and construction loans. As an agent of several title insurance companies, we are also positioned to provide title insurance services to protect ownership and lender’s interests in residential property. Regardless of where you are in the real estate process, our law firm is here to help close your residential real estate transaction successfully.

Title Examination & Title Insurance

Purchasing a home is an emotional and tedious process. A multitude of problems can arise resulting from the previous owner that can jeopardize your home ownership. Our title examination and title insurance service secures your legal right to your property by protecting it against title defects which can arise even after you’ve gone through closing.

With title insurance, the title insurer becomes responsible for paying the costs if you have to defend your ownership in the court of law. Title insurance will cover financial loss if the title defects are not settled. Andersen, Tate & Carr is committed to legally protect your rights.

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