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Mobile Homes: How to Cancel to Real Property in Georgia

Mobile homes are made with wheels and can move from location to location, which gives reason to why the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles classifies mobile homes as vehicles rather than real estate. That is why mobile homes cannot always … Continued

Fix then fight to respond to serial ADA suits

In 2016, the number of civil lawsuits filed under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) continued to climb, up 28% from the previous year. The vast majority of the increase in claims came not from discrimination in employment, but in … Continued

Neighbor trespasses and cuts trees, leads to verdict of treble and punitive damages

ATC lawyer Tyler Dillard recently represented a Gwinnett County property owner in a case involving claims for trespass and cutting timber. The client’s neighbor cut down two large trees near the property line without the permission of the client. After … Continued

How to Have the “Divorce Talk” With Your Children

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Sharing the news with your children that you are divorcing is one of the most difficult parent-child conversations you will ever have. Whether or not the decision to divorce is beyond your control, the conversation should be handled with tact, … Continued

Mistakes Parents Should Avoid Making During Custody Battles

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Divorce can be a nasty battle that leaves both parents scarred and without any hope of resolving parenting issues amicably in the future. Having an agreed upon parenting plan in place eliminates the need to go to Court to seek … Continued

4 Must-Ask Questions for Your Divorce Attorney

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For many people, getting a divorce is one of the most stressful and trying times in their life. From finalizing the custody of children to dividing up a couple’s shared assets, it is important to choose an experienced attorney who … Continued

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