“I hired Pat McDonough and his team and they were able to get new trial and I was immediately released from prison. He saved my life.”
James N.

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Patrick J. McDonough leads the criminal defense division for Andersen, Tate & Carr, and is among the most sought after criminal defense attorneys in the state of Georgia. He has received national attention from the news media, and has been featured in leading publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, AJC and Forbes. His criminal practice includes both state and federal white-collar and general criminal defense. Yet, his primary focus is helping the average citizen who has gotten caught up in the system from a kid shoplifting to a DUI.


Before earning his reputation as a criminal defense attorney, Pat was the youngest serving District Attorney in the state of Georgia, where he boasted over a 99% conviction rate in the multi-county Cordele Judicial Circuit.

Pat built exclusive relationships while serving alongside each of Georgia District Attorneys’ and US Attorneys’ Offices, giving him exceptional credibility as a defense attorney. With a better understanding of a prosecutor’s mentality, Pat excels at objectively evaluating each case and creating a customized strategic defense.


While a majority of his cases are focused on criminal defense, Pat also excels while working within the firm’s domestic division. Using an unparalleled amount preparation combined with his extensive trial experience, he commits himself to providing clients with the best possible legal representation, resulting in the most favorable outcome possible.


Outside the courtroom, Pat uses his energy to advocate for the homeless population alongside the United Way of Greater Atlanta. After establishing the Gwinnett Reentry Intervention Program (GRIP), his efforts have helped to provide housing and case management services to homeless men and women recently released from jail.  Through his dedication to the GRIP Program, Pat became the first recipient of the United Way of Greater Atlanta’s inaugural Corporate Community Champion Award.  In addition, he chairs the United Way’s 4.6 million dollar Gwinnett capital campaign.

Honors and Awards
  • Named Georgia Super Lawyer by his Peers in Atlanta Magazine
  • AV Preeminent rated by Martinedale-Hubbell
  • AVVO Rated 10/10
  • Recipient of United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Corporate Community Champion Award
Bar Admissions
  • Georgia, 1994
  • University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
    • J.D. – 1994
  • Indiana University
    • B.A. – 1991
    • Major: Speech Communications
    • Minor: Business
Professional Associations and Memberships
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • State Bar of Georgia
  • Georgia Innocence Project Board
  • Old War Horses
  • Gwinnett County Bar Association
  • Gwinnett County Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce Board
  • Chairman’s Club
  • 1818 Club Board
  • Chair United Way Capital Campaign
  • Founder-Gwinnett Re-entry Program
  • National College for DUI Defense, Member
Past Employment Positions
  • District Attorney-Cordele Judicial Circuit
  • Assistant District Attorney-Cordele Judicial Circuit
  • Special Assistant Attorney General
  • Faculty Member, Georgia Trial Skills Clinic, CLE, UGA, Athens

“Pat, I thank you for helping me to move on to a better quality of life without the worry of significant legal consequences that may have prohibited this personal growth.

Your involvement has been a game changer in moving forward, and I will never forget what you did. Thanks for caring; you are a true expert in your profession!”

- D.M.

“Facing a politically motivated GBI investigation, 18 count indictment, and trial was one of the most stressful and difficult times in my life. I want to thank Pat & Trinity for their work ethic, attention to detail, legal argument and faith in me. Hearing the words not guilty gave me back my faith in the system.”

- Senator Don Balfour

“I am very grateful for being introduced to Pat. He was able secure an exceptional deal for my son in court, allowing him to move on with his life with peace of mind. Pat is a great lawyer, and I can see why others think so highly of him."

- E.B.

“Pat McDonough has helped our family many times over the years. He has been able to get multiple serious felonies reduced and ensured my children’s record is clean. He always comes through when it counts! We have many stories about Pat coming to the rescue in our house, and around here, he’s a hero! Thanks again from all of us!”

- France D.

“A huge thank you to Pat for helping to get my case dismissed. Pat’s knowledge and expertise are unparalleled when it comes to Georgia DUI law; nobody can do what he does! Thank you again.”

- F.S.

“I have two wonderful teenage boys who at different times got into different levels of trouble with the law. I was utterly amazed at the things Pat McDonough was able to get worked out for my kids. They now both are enjoying successful college careers without the stigma of a criminal record.”

- Karen S.

“Originally, I hired the wrong attorney, went to trial, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison without parole.

If I had lived to be released I would have been on the sex offender registry list for life. I hired Pat McDonough and he was able to get me a new trial, I was released from prison, and worked out short amount of probation under the First Offender Act with no requirement for the sex offender registry.

In short, he saved my life.”

- J.L.N.

"We will be forever grateful for all that Pat and Trinity have done for our boys. We are enthusiastic with the outcome and wish the ATC team very best in all that life offers."

- Catherine O.*

"Pat helped to establish the Gwinnett Reentry Program (GRIPP), in Gwinnett County, which the homeless from Gwinnett County with housing, finding jobs, securing a GED, and job training. It was through his actions, and voice that the community began to pay attention to an ever-growing problem not only in Gwinnett County, but the state of Georgia."

- United Way of Greater Atlanta

"I didn’t realize how stressed I would be waiting for the outcome of our hearing. Finally, I was able to rest peacefully. I feel free. Thank you for your kindness, supportive encouragement and consistency throughout this entire experience. I will never forget it!"

- Teresa S.*

"Even with cases handled outside of the courtroom, Patrick McDonough and Trinity Hundredmark build their cases as if each was going to trial. With their dedication, perseverance and expertise, I would confidently recommend the ATC legal team to anyone facing criminal charges."

- Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department

“I was very excited to hear that the Motion for New Trial was granted in the matter. I thought you were extremely well prepared. You created a record that would have been optimal for appeal and the witnesses you brought to the hearing were all well qualified and persuasive.

Your adversary was very accomplished and skillful and he fought vigorously. You were tested and you prevailed and I am very appreciative. Thank you for taking care of my friends.”

- Brian A.*

"I have had the pleasure of working with Trinity for the past 2 years in the area of Domestic Relations. I have found her to be very professional and well respected by her clients, which primarily consist of high profile, high-asset clients who obviously put their faith in her abilities as I do. She is a joy to know and work with"

- Tom H., Private Investigator

“Thank you so much for all that you did for me with my citation. I honestly cannot thank you enough. After seeing what could’ve happened, I don't plan on getting a ticket ever again!”

- Ashley H.*

“My family wants to thank Pat & Trinity so much for all you have done to insure an outcome that resulted in my husband receiving a minimum sentence yesterday. Everyone we have met at ATC over the past two years has been friendly and courteous.”

- Alexandra B.*

“Thank you so much! I heard my daughter laugh for the first time in ages!”

- Judy B.*

“Thank you for all the time and help you put into my case’s success! Your work speaks for itself and you are now my go-to attorney, should I ever need one in the future!”

- Philip R.*

“Thank you very much for all your hard work on my behalf. May God bless you and your firm for taking my case pro bono. I could have never had done this without your help.

Also, I wanted to thank you for your kindness to me, your supportive encouragement, and your consistency throughout this whole experience. I will never forget it.”

- A.

"xxxx and I just want to thank you both so much for all you have done to insure an outcome that resulted in xxxx receiving a minimum sentence yesterday. We pray God bless you, that you would receive His favor this day and all days, that you live in health and prosperity. Everyone we have met at ATC over the past two years has been friendly and courteous."

- G.D.

"I would really like to thank you for taking my case & working on my case. I couldn’t have asked for better attorneys! I would not have wanted different attorneys. Thank you. My gratitude is more than I can say. I appreciate the energy and the time that you put into this. I wouldn’t change anything. I feel you are pretty much my family. You’re not just my attorneys & I won’t forget about you when this is over. No, I won’t. Why?! Because you helped me. You worked for me. You did more than you had to do. The first time I met you in those 45 minutes (give or take) you told me more than the attorney I had, previously, for 3 years. So, thank you."

- M.

“I was facing prison for something I did not do. However, the political climate was stacked up against me and a trial was risky. Pat & Trinity were able to get me a no contest plea & fine and it was over.”

- M.

”I worked with Pat & Trinity on a personal family matter. Although my type of case is never easy and highly sensitive, they assured me from the very beginning that we would get through this and meet the end result that I needed. The team was very responsive, thorough and professional. I have since recommended Trinity and her firm to numerous friends and colleagues. I have great trust in her abilities.”

- K.

“I went through a very traumatic domestic situation- resulting in a highly complicated case involving my children. After meeting with Pat & Trinity, I was immediately put at ease. They knew how to speak with my children and made them feel comfortable, which was important to me. Pat & Trinity are extremely experienced and represented me skillfully in the courtroom. Due to the unique circumstances of my case I have had the need to hire Pat & Trinity on two separate occasions, having great success both times and have been extremely satisfied both times. Due their dedication to their clients and their needs, it’s nice to know they are just a phone call away.”

- J.

“Pat & Trinity represented my son recently, and they were nothing short of well-prepared knowledgeable, while at the same time receptive and compassionate to our. We were provided excellent representation, as Pat and Trinity negotiated the best possible plea and probation deal given our circumstances. We felt that they truly cared about us as clients and worked hard to arrive at the best outcome. I would recommend them without reservation.”

- K.

“After my daughter found herself in some legal trouble alongside her friends, we hired the legal counsel of Pat & Trinity to represent the entire group. They were extremely prepared and professional - but the most critical and beneficial aspect was how they explained everything to the girls in simple language that they could easily understand. They are extremely nice people and I highly recommend!”

- B.

“Our son was being charged with violation which could have ultimately landed him in jail for a very long time. After utilizing the legal help of Pat & Trinity, our son was releases very quickly, the case was dismissed, and his record was expunged. We would not have been able to do this without their tenacity and experience. “

- C.

“After being pulled over for speeding, I was arrested for 2 misdemeanors and found myself facing three charges in court. Unoptimistic about my fate, I hired Pat & Trinity as a last hope. The team was very polite, informative, and respectful- always no more than an email/phone call away. Their consultation was very reassuring; after going to court, I was able to enter the Pre-Trial Diversion program even after completing it in my previous case. I already completed most of the requirements needed for probation, and due to Pat & Trinity’s insight and recommendations all that was required was 12 months of probation and a few seminars. I highly recommend using their unparalleled expertise!”

- S.

“Pat & Trinity did an amazing job of very quickly getting in touch with the right people in the prosecutor's office to work out the best possible regarding my citation. Thanks to their help, I was able to avoid getting any points on my driving record, or having to report it to my insurance company.”

- S.E.

“After finding myself in a very intimidating situation, I reached out to Pat & Trinity for legal help. Due to their relentless attention to detail, every document and record used to support my case was dismissed- an outcome I initially did not think was possible! I am so thankful I chose them to oversee my case. “

- C.

“I was facing two felony charges as well as three separate charges when I decided to hire Pat & Trinity to represent me in court. During my trial, I was arrested for a separate charge. Despite the complicated situation, Pat & Trinity were able to get every charge dropped, with the exception of one felony, which was lowered to a misdemeanor. After serving 12 months probation, all of my charges will be officially dropped! I am so fortunate to have found a great team who made this process go so smoothly. “

- C.

“Earlier this year I was charged with a DUI. The situation was stressful as anyone could imagine. A serious charge on my record, jail time, and license suspension was at stake. With Mr. McDonough and his teams experience and expertise throughout the process, I was able to avoid it all. My charge was reduced; I kept my license, did not receive points on my license, and did not serve additional jail time. With his hard work and knowledge, he was able to negotiate with the prosecutor with the odds stacked against me. I would highly recommend him if you are in need of legal assistance.”

- A.

The odds were stacked against my son after refusing a breathalyzer test, which normally results in an automatic one-year license suspension. He also failed all other tests administered to him at the time of his arrest. Despite this, Pat & Trinity were able to dissect the tests and use their expertise to lower the charges to reckless driving with no points, no license suspension, and no probation. He only had to do community service, take a class and pay fines. Needless to say, we were very pleased with the outcome and would use their services again without hesitation.

- G.

“Pat & Trinity are excellent attorneys who does what it takes to get the job done. Their combined diligence and hard work provided the best outcome for my situation. I especially appreciate their candor throughout the process. Updates and options were more frequently than expected. I can honestly say my relationship with Pat & Trinity has impacted my family in a very positive manner, both financially and in other ways.”

- M.

“Pat & Trinity are experts in criminal law with outstanding relationships within the criminal justice community in Gwinnett County and the Atlanta area in general.

They have helped my family and friends on many occasions and I have referred people to him numerous times. Pat’s experience as a District Attorney and Prosecutor before becoming a Criminal Defense Attorney is instrumental in helping his clients.”

- C.D.

“My husband and I had the opportunity to meet Pat & Trinity several years ago when our youngest son made a bad decision that could have had life long ramifications. Pat & Trinity worked with the case and all who were involved to resolve the matter. They are an amazing team to work and although though I don't wish to have to use the team ever again, I would recommend Pat & Trinity to anyone who may find themselves in a difficult situation. They are the best at what they do, and I will always be grateful for their amazing knowledge and capabilities”

- B.F.